Discover the real estate opportunities
Barcelona has for you

The real estate market in Barcelona is my passion and my specialty, and I would be delighted to accompany you in the process of finding and managing your own apartment here.

Finding the property you dream of can be exhausting.


Although Barcelona makes you fall in love at first sight, the truth is that in order to make a good investment, it is necessary to have a detailed knowledge of the city.
It is possible that when you imagine your apartment in Barcelona, ​​you come up with some of the following questions:

  • What are the most interesting areas to invest in?
  • What is the average profitability of a property?
  • What is the historical evolution of the price/m2 in different neighborhoods?
  • Where can I enjoy the life and culture of the city the most?
  • What if I am looking for a quiet neighborhood, but close to the center?

Also, it is likely that, when thinking about the purchase, you begin to worry about such issues as: 

  • Do I need to have a NIE?
  • Should I open an account at a local bank?
  • What are the taxes to be paid for the purchase operation?
  • How long will the search process take?
  • How can I manage the property when I am away?

I understand you, because I was in your place as well.

I arrived to Barcelona twelve years ago, and I needed to research in order to find the place that best suited my needs. Over time I changed residence, until I decided to invest and I started looking for the apartment of my dreams.

I found it in l’Eixample, one of my favorite neighborhoods, where I live with my family.
And today I want to make sure you too find your long-awaited real estate opportunity.

My boutique real estate consultancy services in Barcelona


Real Estate Personal Shopper


Let me find the property of your dreams.

As your real estate personal shopper, I will go shopping for you. My objective? Find the apartment you are looking for, with the required characteristics, while you save time and enjoy the process.

I will accompany you from the moment you decide to invest in Barcelona, ​​until the day you sign the deed of your property.

I will look for unique opportunities for you, always aligned with your budget level, and with the characteristics and quality you expect. I will solve your doubts and you will have my support throughout the entire purchase process.

This service is the result of my years of experience in the real estate sector, and it is based on my work philosophy which consists in caring for my clients and treating them with maximum transparency.

My aim is to make my clients’ life easier: I help them in their search and I advise them through all the steps derived from a real estate investment.

I usually work with small and medium investors who live in Barcelona or abroad and want to buy a property here, either to have their own place in this city and come to visit, or to make it profitable by renting.

The process of purchasing your apartment in Barcelona


  • Your investment budget. First of all, we will discuss the amount you want to spend on your purchase.
  • Characteristics of your ideal apartment From that point on, we will discuss which areas might be interesting to explore, the size of the apartment and its characteristics.
  • See you in Barcelona! I will show you the city and we will go on our first tour so you can get acquainted with different neighborhoods more in detail and finish making your choice.
  • Defining your ideal apartment. After discussing the details and analyzing the market, we will have a clear view of the type of product you are looking for as well as your requirements: the chosen neighborhood, whether you are looking for an apartment to reform or ready to move in, what is your style (modernist, rationalist, art-deco …) , if it is essential for the apartment to have an elevator, if you want your home facing the street or overlooking the interior patio.
  • My choice for you. After conducting a detailed search, I will prepare a special selection of apartments for you, choosing the ones that best suit your criteria and sharing this information with you. They will always have a competitive price and will be unique opportunities (they may not even be on the market yet).
  • Real-time visits. If you wish, we will visit the apartments together. Or, if you’re out of Barcelona, ​​I will go and check the apartment for you. In that case, we can make a video-call, so you have a chance to see it as well in detail. Or, if you prefer, I’ll send you photos and videos.
  • Your apartment reservation. As soon as you make your final decision, the apartment will be appraised and all the necessary documentation will be checked (i.e. Technical inspection of the building, Land Registry Certificate (Nota Simple), verification of possible spills, Certificate of Occupancy, Energy Certificate …). If everything is OK, we will reserve it.
  • I will remain at your disposal until the signature of the deed.. After the apartment reservation, I will help you with all the arrangements: signature of the deposit contract, final review of the documentation, until the day you sign the deed of your new home in Barcelona.

What will you gain by including me in your purchase process?


  • One-to-one,direct communication: your interests are mine.
  • I will guide you which will reduce the time of your search.
  • Peace of mind: I will dedicate time to get to know you in order to find your opportunity as soon as it appears.
  • I will provide you with unique offers: high demand apartments at competitive price. And sometimes you will be able to see them before they are placed on the market.
  • I will solve your doubts and I will put you in touch with trustworthy professionals for whatever you might need (for example: legal or refurbishment issues).


You will enjoy a personalized and a transparent experience, in which you will discover the opportunities awaiting you in Barcelona, until you find the apartment of your dreams.

Property Management

Let me manage the rent of your property for you.

If you are an owner, I can help you rent your apartment to trustworthy tenants, without you having to worry about anything.

Barcelona is an open and a cosmopolitan city. Many professionals tend to visit Barcelona for work or studies, and they need to find a place to live. Being in contact with some of the main business schools of the city, this is the most frequent tenant profile to whom I usually offer my clients’ properties.

As a landlord, you will receive a very personalized service and I will take care of any situations that can come up, since the moment the tenants move in until their last day in the apartment.

The process of renting your apartment:


  • For rent. I will find a tenant for your apartment.
  • Contract. I will manage the signature of the rental agreement.
  • Moving in. I will coordinate the tenant’s moving in and I will take care of having all the necessary documentation up to date.
  • Day-to-day situations. I will manage such situations for you as: repairs, maintenance, insurance, services payment and the transfer of ownership.
  • Leaving the apartment. The day your tenant is to leave, I will conduct a move-out inspection (review of the property, inventory control, cleaning, calculation of supplies and other remaining services to be paid, refund of deposit, etc).



Are you ready to start enjoying the benefits of renting your property and knowing that it is in good hands?

And what if you want to come and live in Barcelona?

As a real estate consultant, I can also provide you with assistance if you plan to move to Barcelona.
With my relocation services, I can guide you through the following subjects: 

●  which are the best neighborhoods to live in.
●  at what price level you can find the rental apartment corresponding to your requirements
●  or recommend you school options for your kids.

In this case, the project will be completely tailored to your needs.

I suggest you contact me, and we will talk about how I can help you.

About myself


I am Soledad Rosatti, and my goal is to help you find the opportunity Barcelona real estate market has prepared for you.

I am in love with Barcelona and my passion is to look for unique offers “hidden” in the city: between modernist buildings, in the middle of its wide and tree-lined streets, or at the sites full of centuries of history.

Regardless of whether you are interested in buying a property or renting the one you own, I will help you make this path easy and transparent assuring you find what you are looking for.

This is what my clients say about their experience: 

Soledad has been a pleasure to work with. She has excellent knowledge of the real estate market, she is highly professional, her responses are always quick, and she has been very patient with all my requests.

Taking into account that I wasn’t familiar with the Spanish real estate market, she has been a great source of knowledge for me and made my search easier, finding the perfect balance between what I was looking for and what was available.

The results have been very positive and absolutely met my expectations.  Overall, I am very happy with the experience”.

Hani Masoud, (United Arab Emirates)

Services provided: Real Estate Personal Shopper.

“We felt very comfortable working with Soledad. We got in touch with her when we had not even moved to Barcelona yet, ​​with the purpose of buying our main residence there, and she responded quickly and very clearly. She was always very specific, patiently explaining the benefits of investing in one neighborhood or another, the value of one property over others, etc.

After years of work, she has a thorough knowledge of Barcelona market and understands how the seller’s mind works. This allows her to present realistic scenarios in terms of the time needed to find the property you want, or the possibilities of negotiation.

As for the purchase, her awareness how to manage the process was very valuable, saving us time and solving our doubts. We were able to buy the type of apartment we wanted, within our budget and within the expected period of time”.

Clara Rodríguez Ribas and Guillem Fortuny (Spain)

Services provided: Real Estate Personal Shopper

“Counting on Soledad’s help and advice was a very wise choice. It allowed me to save a lot of time, both in the search process as well as in terms of different procedures, since, in addition to guiding me in all the required technical and legal processes, she is excellent at detecting good opportunities.

I do not think I could have dealt with everything buying an apartment involves without being able to count on Soledad’s sense of confidence and professionalism.”.

Tomás Bellocq, (Argentina)

Services provided: Real Estate Personal Shopper.

“We moved to live in Barcelona and we wanted to find an apartment that would meet our requirements: well-connected area, 60 meters, two bedrooms … And besides, we wanted it to be a good investment.

We visited 4 apartments together with Soledad and on our 5th visit we found the apartment where we currently live, in Poblesec.

The benefits I can mention are the following: quick organization and doubt resolution, saving money, since we bought an apartment that had been inherited and its price was below the average market price.

The final result has been very good, completely meeting our expectations as we were not familiar with the real estate market in Barcelona and Soledad advised us at all times on interesting areas where we could find a property with our level of investment.”.

Alexey Zyukov and Karens Saakjans (Russia)

Services provided: Real Estate Personal Shopper.

Some questions my clients frequently ask:


What are the best areas to buy housing in Barcelona?

The answer will depend on what you are looking for, your personal preferences and on how you are planning to use your property. We will discuss all these details before we start looking for your apartment, in order to focus on the districts and areas that best respond to what you have in mind.


How long does it usually take to find a property?

This will depend on two things. Firs of all, on your requirements. And, on the other hand, on the availability of the product. But what I can assure you is that I am continuously and actively seeking opportunities, and I will keep you informed whenever I find one meeting your needs. However generally speaking, the average time to find a product tailored to customer’s requirements is usually between 1 and 4 months.


I want to buy a property, but I don’t have NIE yet. Will you be able to help me?

In this case, I will inform you concerning the steps to follow in order to regularize your immigration status before purchasing your home.


And can you also help me with the taxes to be paid for the purchase operation?

Yes, I will provide you with a clear and precise information, so you do not leave anything aside and so you can enjoy the peace of mind of paying all your taxes correctly when making the purchase.


What are your fees?

I work with a percentage associated with the sale price of the property, to be paid by the buying party. As I offer customized services for each client, this is something to be agreed upon individually before starting to work. And it is always established in a transparent and clear way, from the very first moment.


Can you help with renovations or changes in the decoration of my apartment?

For these topics, I can put you in touch with architects or companies specialized in refurbishment which I usually collaborate with.


What happens if, after a while, I need to sell my property?

In this case, I can help you find an interested buyer and manage the sale of the property.

This is your moment. Are you ready to find your opportunity in Barcelona?

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